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– two day workshop

MARCH 18 and 19, 2017

West Van Seniors' Centre - Art Room

Members - $140

Non-members - 175


Do you have a favourite animal, or pet that you would love to paint?  What better way to challenge yourself than through a painting of something you may have not tried before.    

What You will learn:

  • An easy method for drawing your pet/animal
  • With guidance you will draw directly onto the watercolour paper.
  • How to choose a color scheme to compliment your pet/animal
  • The nuances that allow you to bring your animal/pets unique personality to the painting.
  • How to paint realistic eyes, bringing your portrait to life.

Included in the workshop is a guide for painting the eyes of different animals and birds so you can confidently continue exploring animal portraiture after the workshop.


Pre requisite: some experience in watercolour required.  A good quality photograph to paint from.


Marney Rose Edge


Supply List - Animals

Bring what paints you have. I’m not requiring you to purchase more

paint. If you are relatively new I suggest you have at least the colors with


These are the colors I use.

Quinacradone Gold (Winsor & Newton)

*Nova Gamboge (Holbein) or Opus brand Gamboge Hue

*Yellow Ochre or Yellow Oxide

Permanent Rose (Winsor & Newton)

*Scarlet lake (either Holbein or Winsor and Newton)

*Brown Madder –Winsor and Newton

*Permanent Alizarin Crimson (Holbein or DaVinci)

Mineral Violet (Holbein)

Manganese Blue Hue

*Cerulean Blue

Lavender - holbien

*Cobalt Blue (Holbein)


Phthalo Blue (Da Vinci) it is a green shade but the label does not state. Windsor Blue

(Green Shade) is a substitue

*French Ultramarine Blue (Winsor and Newton) Or Ultramarine Blue

Paynes Grey (Winsor & Newton)

*Quin Burnt Orange (Daniel Smith or Opus brand)

Masking Fluid (I use Pebeo Drawing Gum)- not essential

rubber cement lifter - not essential

Bushes are an assortment of rounds typically #6, 12, 16 and a 3/4" flat # 4 Chisel

Blender for eyes and lifting fur,(Heinz Jordan or Expressions by Robert Simmons)

again bring what you have.


ó a sheet Arches Cold press, folded and cut in half again. 140lb paper or 300lb.

Please don’t purchase student quality.

A board an appropriate size.

Masking tape 1.5 or 2 inches wide in cream color Dollar store or hardware store.

Paper towels, water bucket, 2 b pencil

Reference photo of pet printed at 8x10 or 8.5 x 11.5 is best, color or black and white.

Your photo should be cropped in for a close up of head and shoulders. This is an

intimate portrait.


 Marney Rose Edge

A bit about Marney-Rose

It brings me great joy to be able to share my knowledge and experience with others. I love inspiring them to tap into their own creativity.  My purpose when teaching students is to help them find a way of expressing themselves in their own unique way.  Light and colour are energetic components of my paintings that stimulate the senses. The excitement comes when the layers of paint build strong contrasts and the viewer can feel the texture of the animals coat with their eyes. A mixture of loose brushstrokes and realism brings the pet’s portrait to life. Transparent watercolor gives my work a light from within. Its fluidity and ability to mix on the paper creates fascinating surprises. On my palette are nine colours, to which I will add "guest" hues, to strengthen my message.


Marney-Rose was raised in New Zealand in the beautiful art deco seaside town of Napier. Born into a creative family; her dad was an avid amateur photographer, and her mum hand coloured photographs and dabbled in pastels.  Ever since being a child, Marney-Rose has loved creating beautiful things; always fascinated with colour.  She is a late bloomer venturing into painting in her forties but has an inexhaustible passion for it.  A natural teacher, Marney-Rose has a following with her watercolour classes and workshops, She teaches privately and for various Art Associations, travelling to different locations inside and outside British Columbia.


After a career spanning almost 30 years in the Graphic Arts/Printing industry, an opportunity for Marney-Rose to become an entrepreneur/sole business owner, presented itself so she could paint full-time. Marney-Rose paints realistically, influenced by romantic beauty and an ethereal softness creating for you an escape from the everyday.


Her studio is located at 1000 Parker St in East Vancouver, and is open to the public at various times of the year. Check her website


Her paintings have won many awards locally and internationally including being a finalist in the International Artist magazine 4 times with a 10 page article in issue 105, Oct/Nov 2016.   Marney-Rose earned Senior Signature status with the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2013 and has served on the Board of Directors plus the Fraser Valley Chapter Board as well.   She is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.




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  • CAN$175.00 with Non NSAG Member Workshop Fee
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2017-03-19 23:59:00

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